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Justin Rivers

Megan is not only an amazing vocal coach, but she is also an amazing friend. She taught me so

much and understood everything that performers go through because she is one herself.

I learned so many new things about my voice and I honestly owe a huge part of my life to this

woman. Without her, I wouldn’t have made it to the Jimmy Awards two years in a row. She is

truly amazing and I’m so proud to say that she is my teacher.

Emma Licata

If it weren't for Megan Postle's tireless efforts during our lessons my senior year, I wouldn't have had so many successful college auditions or even have gotten into my top college which is one of the best musical theater schools in the country. She goes infinitely above and beyond for her students. Her selflessness towards her students, passion and love for the performing arts is extraordinarily inspiring. She'll do anything to help your aspiring performer succeed. My love and gratitude for Megan Postle is endless. I don't call her my Musical Theatre Fairy Godmother for nothing! 

Megan Gwyn

Megan Magden Postle is an excellent teacher and individual. She is educated and informed and knows what she’s talking about. She also takes interest and care in each and everyone of her students. While studying with her she became not only my vocal instructor, but a mentor and friend.


Students of Megan have been admitted and attended.

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